The UN in the United Arab Emirates

UN 75 Campaign, Abu Dhabi.
Photo: © RCO

The UN’s in-country presence in the UAE dates back to 1972 when UNICEF established its UAE office in Dubai. The United Nations expanded its presence in the country following the establishment of the International Humanitarian City. Today, there are around 350 UN personnel in the UAE, supporting over 60 United Nations programmes and projects in the country from 13 office locations.  Another 9 UN entities engage with the UAE through their regional presence and headquarters.

The UN’s engagement in the UAE is concentrated on policy-level technical cooperation and advisory support on a variety of issues.  UN agencies also work closely with government counterparts and other partners in advocacy, outreach, and mobilization in support of shared objectives and internationally agreed development and cooperation frameworks.

In terms of thematic activities, UN engagement revolves around several programmatic areas of importance to national counterparts, such as international humanitarian relief operations, food security, climate change, gender equality, youth empowerment, among others. These priorities are being revisited to improve realignment with Agenda 2030 and the UAE’s development ambitions. 


The Sustainable Development Goals in United Arab Emirates

The Sustainable Development Goals are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the earth’s environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity. These are the goals the UN is working on in the United Arab Emirates: